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At Lesson Planner PH, we simplify lesson planning for teachers. Our AI tools help free up your time and energy to focus on what matters most – educating your students.

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"Lesson Planner PH helped me so much in my teaching career. It made my work easier and credible in crafting my lesson plan every week/month."

Sherilyn Tampus


"Lesson Planner is very helpful to me. It makes my tasks very easy. As a teacher, I have a lot of things to do-- not only my day to day tasks, but also other tasks mandated by DepEd. Lesson Planner PH is the best. I can say that it is my buddy in teaching."

Remelita Macatangay

Elementary Teacher

“Lesson planning demands extensive preparation time, and teachers often find themselves juggling numerous tasks. Lesson Planner PH has been invaluable to me, significantly streamlining my workload and accelerating the planning process. As a woman, a mother and a teacher with many responsibilities in both my community and my family, I am grateful for its assistance as it enables me to utilize my time more efficiently for other tasks.”

Bernadette Cardeno

Elementary Teacher

How to generate a Lesson Plan

New to Lesson Planner PH? Here's a quick tutorial on crafting your next lesson plan with our tools!

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Discover easy-to-use tools that make lesson planning a breeze and help you create engaging learning experiences for your students.

Lesson Plan

Crowd Favorite

Craft comprehensive lesson plans in minutes, tailored to your grade level, subject, and objectives.

Catch Up Fridays

Address learning gaps and reinforce concepts in dedicated sessions that take just moments to plan.


Break down learning objectives into a week's worth of classes, ensuring alignment with cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning domains.

Summative Test

Evaluate student understanding and progress through summative assessments.

Effortless Lesson Planning

Why You'll Love Lesson Planner PH

Effortlessly align with DepEd standards and access versatile
lesson plan formats with Lesson Planner PH.

Educator-Focused Lesson Plan Formats

Educator-Focused Lesson Plan Formats

Choose from popular models like the 4As, 5Es, or 7Es to suit your teaching style and objectives.

Continuously Up To Date

Continuously Up To Date

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest DepEd initiatives; seamlessly integrate the Matatag curriculum and CatchUp Friday into your classroom through modern technology.


Find the perfect plan for your needs

*Premium credits can be used for any feature - including the new Summative Test and Enhanced Lesson Plan with References!

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